Capital Area Race Series

The C.A.R.S. links capital area races together to support participation, competition, health, fitness, camaraderie, and fun for all ages.

Participate in-person or virtually.

Results & Standings
Series Races
Age Categories (Male & Female)

Your age for the series is determined by your age at time of Canterbury Shaker Village XC 5K & Walk.


• 14 and Under      • 40-44      • 65-69

15-19                  45-49       70-74

 20-29                  50-54       75-79 

 30-34                  55-59       80+    

 35-39                 • 60-64                   


  • 18 years old and older - $150 afterward |  17 and under - $100

  • Clydesdale (males over 190 lbs) and Filly (females over 140 pounds) classes.

  • Awards for top three finishers in each category.

  • Your top four race scores will count towards the Race Series scoring. (no minimum number of races required to score)

  • $1,500 prize purse for five deep overall winners of race series.

  • Prizes to top five age graded males and females (best four races)

  • CARS jacket or similar apparel item to those who complete a minimum of six races.

  • Back for the 2021 Capital Area Race Series!


Rules are simple.

  1. A team must have a minimum of three finishers in order to score at each race.

  2. In order to qualify for scoring the finishers must physically participate in the race. No virtual race participation will count towards scoring.

  3. The best six races count towards final tally.

  4. Team rosters may include as many C.A.R.S. registered runners as desired. Your top three finishers may be different runners at different races, as long as they are listed on your roster. Not all rostered runners must run all races.

  5. Runners may run on a C.A.R.S. team and also compete for other teams at individual C.A.R.S. races. (Ex. State agency at S.E.A. race)

  6. Team rosters and name of captain can be submitted to as early as 2/1/2021. Rosters must be submitted no later than start of our third series race (Capital City Classic 10K).

  7. Team members may be added, by written request (form provided by G.S.R.S. and available at timers van) of team captain at any time during series. New team members may not score for team retroactively.

  8. Positively no roster switches may be added where runner jumps from one team to another. This is bad form in terms of team allegiance.

  9. There will be a $500.00 dollar prize to the top team finisher, $300.00 to second place and $200.00 for third place. These cash prizes will be awarded at conclusion of last race.

  10. Team scoring is the sum of the best three age and gender-graded scores at race.


* Age categories apply to SERIES registration only.

Individual races may have their own differing age categories.

Capital Area Race Series Point Scoring:


CARS series points are calculated by dividing a runner's time into the time of the first place finisher of the same gender and multiplying by 1000. The first place finisher of each gender receives 1000 points. Let's say that person’s time was 17:12 and another person's time was 28:54. 17:12 expressed as a number is 17.2 and 28:54 translates to 28.9. Dividing 17.2 by 28.9 gives us 0.595156, and multiplied by 1000 ends up as 595 points. For 2021 the best four point scores out of their eight races count for total series points and they are totaled for a final series point score. Note: Only in person race scores are counted and not virtual races times.


There are age graded points for runners over 40. Their net times are calculated into an age grade percentage, then that percentage number is considered their age graded series points for that race. As with the overall points above, the best four in person races are totaled for a final age graded series points score.

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